Family Day at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science

If you’re looking for something fun AND educational to do with your kiddos in Dallas, I highly suggest visiting the Perot Museum of Nature & Science! Their big, colorful, eye-catching exhibits are sure to have your little one intrigued and eager to see what’s coming up next! Watching Shima interact with the different exhibits, just seeing his inner explorer come out, was probably the highlight of the trip for me. I mean he was so eager to see all the displays, he managed to slip away from us a few times trying to get to whatever grabbed his attention at the time! So just a small safety tip, if you have an active toddler like me, I highly suggest attaching them to you in some way or bringing a stroller along if your kiddo can still fit in theirs lol. 


So, the bae and I decided to take our son Shima (Yoshima) to check out the Perot Museum on Monday, August 12th for a little family day. Oddly, Monday is kind of a part of our “weekend” due to our work schedules. Anywho, we went around noon. On our walk up to the entrance doors, we immediately noticed the cool musical xylophone attraction and water splash area outside. Of course Shima had to stop and play a tune on the xylophones. As tempting as the splash pad looked, because it was definitely BLAZIN’ outside, we decided to bypass it. We weren’t really dressed for it and it looked like it had reached it’s occupancy limit. We thought the museum might be a little less packed since it was a Monday, but to our surprise, it was the exact opposite. I guess a lot of parents were trying to take their kids out for one last adventure before school starts. Normally this would be a huge turn off for us, we don’t really care for crowded places; however, despite it being tons of other families there, we still enjoyed ourselves. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad… some areas were more crowded than others. I guess that’s to be expected in any public place. Moving on! Lol… Next up, I’ll share with you guys my top 3 favorite exhibits and why!

The Art of the Brick: LEGO Exhibit

At the top of my list would have to be the Art of the Brick: LEGO Exhibit. It’s one of their special exhibits that will only be available for a short period of time. You do have to pay an additional fee to enter, but I promise it’s worth it! It was so freakin’ cool! I mean they had LEGO statues of dang near anything you can think of from famous portraits like the Mona Lisa to life size statues. Check out a few of the exhibit displays below!

The Life Then & Now Hall

Next up would have to be the Life Then & Now Hall. I think this one was a fav for my entire family, including my man who isn’t easily intrigued by anything lol. It had tons of life size skeletons of dinosaurs and other species from that time period. Apparently, all or most of the animals on display  were real animals whose bones has been fossilized over time! Fun Fact: We even heard that the mammoth they had on display was actually found in Dallas, a few miles from the museum! The bae didn’t believe it lol but who knows? Gotta admit it’s kinda dope to know those types of creatures used to roam freely right here in Dallas! Another cool feature in this hall was the Paleo Lab. This was an area where you can see real life paleontologists work on real fossils!

The Children’s Museum

Lastly, I really enjoyed watching Shima enjoy himself in the Children’s Museum. This area was filled with several practical everyday things, just built on a child’s scale! Their mini market was so adorable and so was the mini replica of downtown Dallas! They also had an area for kids to play with little mind stimulating trinkets. Shima spent most of his time in this area for some reason. I didn’t argue, just let him do his thing!

There were tons of othe: amazing exhibits I haven’t mentioned, including the Dynamic Earth Hall and the Being Human Hall just to name a couple. However, I want to leave some things for you guys to experience for yourselves! Wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun!

So you see, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is the perfect play for a mini family day! Not only will your kiddo be intrigued from beginning to end, so will you! I learned so much during our visit, I can’t wait to take Shima back when he’s a little older, so he can really soak in everything the museum has to offer. Another plus, there were A LOT of places to post up and have a mini photo shoot! I couldn’t pass by this huge window with this beautiful view of Dallas without snapping a few shots! (Excuse my bandaged finger…. that story is for a WHOLE nother blog post lol)

If your family decides to check out the museum, come back here and leave a comment sharing your experience! We didn’t get to experience EVERYTHING, so I’d love to hear how your trip goes! Get your tickets BELOW!

Oh and by the way, if you or someone you know is a participant in eligible supplemental programs like SNAP & TANF, you can get in the museum for just $1 each! Entry into the LEGO exhibit is a $1 as well and up to 7 people can get in on 1 card! If you ain’t know, NOW YOU KNOW! Thank me later! Learn more about the discount below!


Laura ✨