Pass the Sage

“Hand me the sage..

My space needs cleansing.

I can’t take all this negative energy...It’s shaking up my synergy.

Literally feels like I’m suffocating...

And nobody gives damn...Head buried in the sand...gasping...

desperately trying to take in air...”

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The Copy & Paste Stigma

“First let me start by saying this.... I freakin’ LOVE seeing all these millennials out here KILLING IT. Especially my fellow shepreneurs! I mean we’re really out here building brands and businesses from the ground up using nothing but our God-given talents and our social media presence. I seriously couldn’t ask to be apart of a better generation.... however, even though there’s a ton of millennials out there developing original content, unapologetically walking in their God-given purposes, there’s a fair amount of people out there strictly copying and pasting whatever they see on social media and calling it their own…”

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Passion to Paycheck

“Wake up. Get dressed. Skip breakfast. Sit in traffic for an hour. Clock in. Watch the clock for 8 hours. Clock out. Sit in traffic another hour. Pick up some fast food. Make it home. Catch up on reality tv. Fall asleep. Wake up and repeat. “

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