who is she?


Hi loves! My name is Laura Effiom, known as “The Christian Unicorn” on social media. I’m a Dallas,TX native with a background in the creative arts and the finance/accounting industry. I studied at Stephen F. Austin State University (“Go Lumberjacks!”) where I received both my B.B.A in Accounting and my M.P.A. (Master of Professional Accountancy) in 2014. After college, I worked in the accounting industry for 3 years before giving birth to my son in November 2017. A little more about me, I consider myself a free spirit and love being bold in everything I do from pursuing my goals to choosing my hair color! Another fun fact, I’m a preacher’s kid… a Pastor’s kid to be exact. Seems like a small fact, but it’s honestly one of the biggest pillars in my life that led me to be the woman I am today. Being raised in the church, I noticed a lack of ministries geared towards millennial women, especially those women whose lives were far from perfect. I was always a part of ministries or participated in events that were geared towards “the good girl”. The girl who’d been through some things and made a few mistakes in her life was either shunned or ignored. So you can imagine the wave of emotions I felt after getting pregnant and having a baby outside of marriage. Lonely, misunderstood, confused, and useless to the kingdom just to name a few. Processing those feelings by myself and overcoming them was probably one of the hardest battles I ever had to fight, which is why I’ve decided to make it my life’s mission to pour into women in any way I can! I don’t only wish to inspire them, but I also want to help them strengthen their personal walks with Christ so that they may too find their purpose and begin to walk in it fearlessly.

Laura Effiom

How did you come up with the name “the christian Unicorn”?

I always get asked asked this question and I love answering it! To me, a unicorn represents something magical, unique, bright and fearless! These are all characteristics I consider myself to possess. After having my son, I had to find myself again. I had to realize that even though I’d messed up, I wasn’t useless or less worthy of God’s love. I had to remember God created me for a specific purpose and dimming my light due to shame was not only unfair to myself, but to those around me as well. That’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to spread God’s love with a whole lot of glitter! I want the “Christian Unicorn” brand to let women know that it doesn’t matter what they’ve gone through or what they’ve done, they are still worthy, priceless, and deserve the right to dance to their own beat without apology. God’s light shines best through cracked vessels, so SHINE BABY SHINE!